Hacker can access your Phone calls and SMS

Hacker can access your Phone calls and SMS

Top I.T. security experts have discovered a fatal security flaw that can allow hackers to monitor private phone calls and also read text messages even if the consumers cellular network uses the most advanced encryption methods.

Specialists within the technology field found the security flaw within the global telecoms network which is known as signal system seven. This network powers vast amounts of cellular providers, including mobile giants

SSN7 is a very effective method in data sharing, however it has outdated security and is vulnerable to hackers. These vulnerabilities can expose billions of cellular users private data on a global scale.

The extensive vulnerabilities of SSN7 have not all been revealed yet, however hackers are able to intercept and then re-direct consumers calls to any desired location. They are also able to gain access to encrypted networks and record consumers phone calls and text messages, intercept the data of which then can be decrypted relatively easily at a later date.

The top cellular networks use the most advanced methods in encryption, for instance use 3G and 4G respectively however the use of SSN7 leaves data open to a back door vulnerability for skilled hackers.

In accordance to these latest reports, it makes you question is it really safe to use your mobile phone confidently and privately?

This just re-instates the extent of monitoring and exploitation of  data is on a global scale.