Last few years, we can judge social media sites have become inevitable elements in our lives that you just can’t escape, even if you wanted to. Before some time back i was very alone due to my work load and my official life rush so i couldn’t able to meet my friend circle and other kind of network. In the beginning i didn’t use any kind of social media sites but now i am addict and use it lot of then simple use.

Nowadays, I don’t about you but i can say i can’t survive without phone or any kind of gadget because without login in any kind of social media site i can’t spend my time. I know i am not only but also all other guys who know about the value of social media networking website.

Really, I don’t know how many times i have been asked to add social media link to client’s website, and I am sure you also stuck like this issue in past. There are many free and easy to use services out there like AddThis, ShareThis. I hate like this because I am a front end developer so i will never like this plugging which used lot of java-script in their plugging.

I think this post will help you lot to add any kind of social media icon to share your facebook page of other kind of social media website link to your friend circle and other to rotate your work or knowledge to among all fog. It’s not a little complicated but very easy to use for any normal person who doesn’t know about the code or any kind of programming language. Finally I decided to help those guys who stucked like this problem. Well, I did some research and found out that in fact you can have social share links with custom icons and it’s not all that hard to do.




Facebook page may be vary it’s algorithm and may be change in future so please make it sure before using above link.[URL]&title=[TITLE]





Tapiture[IMAGE]&page_url=[URL]&page_title=[TITLE]&img_title=[TITLE]&img_width=[IMG WIDTH]img_height=[IMG HEIGHT]







Google Bookmarks[URL]&title=[title]&annotation=[DESCRIPTION]




According to me this is great list for most popular social services but i had to struggle find them like these syntax for all of you. If you are developer then you most likely to familiar with syntax for and an email linking to website or other appropriate sources.

<a href="mailto:?subject=[TITLE]&body=Check out this site I came across [URL]">[EMAIL]</a>

Follow Buttons

Recently is asked by someone if I knew about a way to create a “follow” buttons without any plugin. So far I’ve only looked into Twitter’s syntax for a follow button and this is what I got:

<a href="[URL]/&region=follow_link&screen_name=[YOUR TWITTER HANDLE]&tw_p=followbutton" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-article', '[URL]/&region=follow_link&screen_name=[YOUR TWITTER HANDLE]&tw_p=followbutton', 'Follow @[YOUR TWITTER HANDLE]']);">Follow @[YOUR TWITTER HANDLE]</a>

Having this site into WordPress, I did test it of course. Using WordPress codex functions, all I had to do was to substitute the [TITLE] with:

<?php print(urlencode(the_title())); ?>

…and [URL] with:

<?php print(urlencode(get_permalink())); ?>

I hope you will get your answer for you question, So if you need any further kind of help then please let me know on my mail id