Well as you know lot of students have question how they can make their career in Programming. They just want to know the esiast way to learn the Programming in the minimum day and the time.
Now I am going to give you some tips for the programming/Coding.

1. No need to buy any kind of book. Go through the google and watch the videos on the youtube according to your thrill..
2. Make account the forum and try to ask your query and keep the active person.
3. Don’t copy and paste the code. Try to type the code in your code editor.
4. Look at the Example Code and try to excerise everyday routine.
5. When you learn coding then try to write down this in your Note Book and in your Computer..

You can also read the HOW WE CAN BECOME PROGRAMMER.

Well Most Important things when you are learing the code..
1. Don’t read the code – try to run it in your machine.
2. Always make a bkup file of your code during coding the programming..
3. Try to undersand the code structure, Never bug up the code.
4. You can use the debugger tool for learning the Code.
5. Experiment with the code

Well as you know programming is not an easy task. Its a result of strong effort that comes in front of you as result.
So i suggest you when you are going to learn any language or query then keep your dedication to that language or programming.
start from the begning and never left at the end.

Never try to learn a language in a single day..<br>
Take and face every chapter each and every day in your regulor routing.

If you have any quey regarding to this then don’t be hesitate I am here avaliable for your all enquiries.
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