take screenshot on Android and smart Phones

take screenshot on Android and smart Phones

Android Mobile Phones, in India are becoming more popular as compare to other countries , because of cheap rates of mobiles gadgets than Apple iPhone. Taking Screenshot is a important factor you should be aware of it if you use any kind of smart phone, because it might help in various ways. Consider you have scored higher in a game than your friend (only for show off). You can just take a snapshot and share it with your friends on Whatsapp and other kinds of social media like Facebook and Twitter also..

How to take Screenshot On Android Device (Mobile Phones & Tablets)?

Capturing screenshot in an android device is a simple Process as learn 1 2 3. It just matter of seconds to learn how to take screenshot on your android Phone . You just need to follow the steps given below to take the screenshot on Android Gadget.  Android 4.0 has in built Screenshot feature with inbuilt function. You can take a screenshot and it gets automatically stored on your Mobile Phone with single click. The Screenshot feature was first introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich (i.e.) Android 4.0..

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Learn steps by step to Capture screenshot On Android Mobile Phone & Tablet

Android 4.0 and upper version has in built Screenshot feature. You can take a screenshot and it gets automatically

stored on your Mobile Phone memory. The Screenshot feature was first introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich (i.e.) Android 4.0

Step #1:  Navigate to the screen that you want to capture on the Android Gadget

Step #2: Now Press Power Keys and + Volume  Down  button at the same time (you can also press Power Keys and + home  button if your first option doesn’t work..)

Step #3: Now the Android Screen will flash and you will hear a sound. You can also see a framed image will appear and fade in the notification drawer only on Jelly Bean.

Where Can you find the Captured Screenshot on Android Device?

All screenshots you take appear in the Screenshot album located in the Gallery app.

How can we Share the taken Screenshot on Android Mobile:

Simple tap on the taken Screenshot  and now you can find share button in your device. Just click on it. If Google Drive is installed on your android mobile phone. then upload it. Use your Gmail to send the uploaded captured screenshot as an attachment by email as you want to share…

To open it directly in the Gallery app , Just tap a screenshot in the notification bar where you can preview it, crop it, share it to another app, or delete it as it simple 1 2 3.

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From the Screenshot album, you can tap the menu button and use the Select the screenshot Once you have selected screenshot, use the Share menu to easily share them with another application –which will quickly upload multiple screenshots to your Google Drive or Dropbox and from there you can share them

Note : Only Android Jelly bean have this feature of sharing the screen

Copy the screenshot to Computer from Android Device:

Connect the Android Phone to your Computer via USB. Now copy the screenshots from this/sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots  folder to your computer. This is simple as 123…

reference from the screenshotclub . com