“On deemands of numberless people finallly we are going to transfer Whatsapp from mobile to PC with the help of Internet”

Today, I am going to share on request of my friend name of ‘Rohit Arora’ How we can access the Whatsapp on PC with the help of Internet..

This is just tricky. You don’t have to do anything to access your whatsapp account on PC with the help of Internet.

Well,  Finally I am going to share how you can access the whatsapp by web-client..

Step 1. Open your Updated WhatsApp app in your mobile device. Then go on the whatsapp web through the click on option button..

Step 2.  Before that open your Chrome Browser in your PC and visit the address WhatsAppWeb.

Step 3.  Now scan the QR Code by your mobile whatsApp as shown in ref. image..

Step 4.  Now let them make a mirror as you want to with your web-client..

Step 5.  Let them synchronize and after few minutes you will get your all chating stuff on web brower..

I hope you understood how we can access whatsApp on web client..
If you have any doubt then plz comment and i am here to shortout your all issues….